Sessa Vee is a small brand centered around minimal, chic office and planning supplies that add simple beauty and organization to your work and your day.

Most of Sessa Vee's brand products are still handmade or hand-finished in a small home studio. We also curate a number of accessories we think would pair gorgeously with our products!

I hope you love what you see, and most of all, love the life you design with a little help from Sessa Vee.

If you have any questions about the shop or products please email me at hello@sessavee.com - I'd love to hear from you!

Vanessa Saldivar Heim,
Designer // Maker // Owner 

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About Me

I'm a stay-and-work-from home mom, wife and graphic designer. I design and create most of the products you see here at Sessa Vee, all from my small home studio.

Sessa Vee was born after a time of great chaos.

I was dealing with stressful work projects, depression and anxiety all at the same time and I became desperate to seek out and create a little beauty and sanity for my life and family. I wanted to get clear and motivated to live a better life, focused on the things and people I love most.

I first designed my own planner in 2014, and though a printable page may seem like a small thing, it helped me cope with a burned-out, frazzled brain and weary soul. It let me draw out my goals and my dreams - big and small - for the day (and the years) ahead. 

My hope is that everything you find at Sessa Vee can add some simple beauty and sanity to your life, too!

"Sessa" and "Vee" were nicknames of mine, used by my family and friends with love and affection. 


Business Info

PO BOX 1533
Pullman, WA, 99163