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Product description below.

These plastic, index tab dividers are tear-resistant, waterproof, thin and flexible - not bulky or rigid. There's no need to laminate these for durability.

  • 12 plastic tabbed dividers (12-bank tabs let you see all the months lined up together)
  • 3/8" tab extension
  • Foiled text on both sides of tab
  • Personal Size: 3.7" x 6.7" plus 3/8" extended tab
  • Additional accessories photographed are not included. They are for presentation only.
To see if these will fit planners such as Filofax , Kikki K, modern LV ring agendas, Arc & Levenger notebook systems, please visit our page size comparison page.

    Also available with silver foil.  plastic planner tab dividers black gold foil personal



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