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Essentials - Foil Sticker Tabs

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Light-duty foil sticker tabs for your planners, binders, notebooks or card systems with broad categories you can fit most (if not all) your schedules and info.

New! (9/10/16) Now layered with a clear, glossy film to make your tabs twice as thick and twice as strong as before!

  •  Single sheet with 12 sticker tabs that fold over the edge of any paper, divider or folder
  • .25" tabs - Calendar, Weekly, Daily, Projects, Finance, Lists, Goals, Shopping, Inspiration, Notes, Health & Social
  • Full sticker dimensions: ~ 1" x 1"; Sticker sheet dimensions: ~3.75" wide x 5.5 tall
  • Metallic Foil Stickers
  • Paper base & Permanent Adhesive
  • Accessories are for presentation only and not included

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