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Product description below.

These index tab dividers are tear-resistant, waterproof, thin and flexible - not bulky or rigid. There's no need to laminate these for durability.

  • Six tabbed plastic dividers (2 sets of 3 tabs, 6 different labels)
  • Pre-punched for 6 ring planners
  • 3.75" wide by 6.75" tall plus .35" extended tab width. 
  • Compatible with Filofax, Kikki K, and modern LV agendas.

Printed sets are stamped with foil. Stamp margins may vary slightly.


Lifestyle Set Includes: 

Home • Meals • Wellness • Social • Goals • Notes

Finance Set Includes: 

Income • Expenses • Savings • Budget • List • Accounts

Blank Set Option Available


Above: Finance Set with Gold Foil

Above: Lifestyle Set with Gold Foil


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