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Handmade characteristics may appear due to the manual hole punching equipment/process currently available. Slight variations in margins may occur. These variations are small and DO NOT affect the proper fit and use of this product.
I've selected unpunched inserts and would like them punched for disc binding.
I have selected unpunched inserts but would like them 6-hole punched.

Product description below.
See a page-by-page flip through here
  • January-December 2020
  • Horizontal week-on-two-page layout with notes and/or tracker section
  • Allows for months that stand alone in your planner, between monthly dividers. Weeks with days from 2 different months are included in the month where 4 or more of the days appear. 
  • US federal holidays, season starts, and new/full moons on calendar spreads. Popular US holiday suggestions on monthly start page
  • Monday-Sunday
  • Includes one page each of basic password and contact log, as well as lined notes page


    • Premium bright white 80 lb. paper (120gsm)
    • Paper size: Standard A5, 5.8" x 8.3"
    • Examples of compatible planners here
    • About the paper: 10% post-consumer recycled content/fibers, FSC® certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified™, SFI® Certified Sourcing, Acid free and made in the USA


    • This version is exclusive to sessavee.com and not available as a printable.

    Handmade characteristics may be present in hole punching but do not affect fit or function of this product, these variations are very small and indiscernible while product is in use.

    Marble Horizontal Weekly A5 Planner Inserts in Louis Vuitton Agenda

    Marble Horizontal Weekly A5 Planner Inserts in Louis Vuitton Agenda

    Marble Contacts A5 Planner Insert in Louis Vuitton Agenda

    Marble Password A5 Planner Insert in Louis Vuitton Agenda


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