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Personal size launch expected:
Fri. Sept. 20

UPDATE FRI SEP 20 - Updates and previews are still being added to the website, but I hope to be finished by

8pm US Pacific/ 11pm US Eastern!

Please note, due to some issues I had with my shipment, I was not able to pre-pack and label my new personal size inventory prior to opening orders. This means I will be handling it as orders come in, affecting my turn around times.

While I will try my very best to ship your package in 2-5 business days, please allow up to 7 business days for me to prepare dated 2020 personal size orders made between September 20-27th.

I appreciate your support and understanding! :)

With Love, Vanessa





Next in line for launching... personal size inserts! Just like the A5 initial launch, this will not include the dated daily product which is released sometime in October. 

Top tabs (financial, lifestyle and blank) for personal size are also being released. 

With Love, Vanessa

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