April Newsletter

I have been amazed and completely humbled by several of you who have reached out to me just to see if I was okay after seeing there was no pre-Spring launch and very little updates to the site.

Well, here is what's up... I've been dealing with severe pain and fatigue off and on since the end of January. After a CT scan, an ultrasound and x-rays I still don't know where the pain is coming from, but since I've struggled with depression and anxiety and have been taking medication for it for almost a year now, there could still be a link with those things. As of today, my doc has suggested a new medication geared toward treated fibromyalgia and we will see where that takes me! Unfortunately, a lot of these prescriptions take a few weeks to really balance things out (in terms of both side effects and benefits) so I still don't have a clue as to what my days will look (or feel) like this month. 

As I experienced these ups and downs I didn't want to create more work than I could handle so I basically stopped posting on social media and strictly focused on the reduced number of customers coming to the shop for already-existing products. For the same reason, I held off on introducing anything new or having a big release. :(

I'm bummed (understatement) that I couldn't grow/expand the way I thought I was going to but I'm not giving up just yet! I still have plans on the table for this summer and this fall and if you and God allow, I will take these plans on step by step. (I am stopping myself from setting hard deadlines right now which, sucks for both you and me, but I just have to see where life and this pain takes me!)

A GOOD thing that has happened recently is that we signed a lease for a house (single family home). We are in a small apartment right now where my office has become quite cramped and a little awkward. I hope that when we move this June, it might help with getting things done (and/or getting some help) around here.

Cross your fingers for me!

For anyone that has read this far... I have only two words for you: THANK YOU!